Making our money work twice (or, Breakfast and a Movie)

We go to the movies one time a year.  It’s an annual family fun splurge.  We all go see the latest Pixar movie together.  Last year was a disappointment, but hopefully they’ll make up for it this time with “Brave”.

As my kids were chowing down on breakfast one morning, they saw this promotion on the cereal box.

Movie tickets? Hmmm... how convenient. "Brave" is just about to come out. Are these tickets only good for "Spiderman"?

No, they're good for any movie at participating theaters. Lemme guess... there is no participating theater around here. Actually, there are two -- including the Rave theater up the street.

To set up an account at Kellogg’s, they want your name, address, email address, birthdate, and a password.  I have a box for a mailing address so we don’t have to expose our home address, so I use that.  Your birthdate is telling them you are old enough to create an account.  Many people would not be willing to give this information, and I understand that.  It’s a choice.  Normally, I don’t participate in promotions like this, but every now and then, I will.

Any Kellogg's box with a Spiderman on the front bottom left corner will have a code inside. You type this code in at the website.

You get one point per code, for a maximum of 30 points.

So, each movie ticket takes 6 points/codes, which is 6 boxes of cereal.  30 points equals 5 movie tickets.  Since my uncle is otherwise occupied these days (he’s officially engaged now), 5 tickets are all we need.

I buy cereal anyway!  I don’t normally buy 30 boxes at a time, but I often buy 10 – 12 at a time.  Why not go ahead and buy 30 boxes, which I will eventually need anyway, and so essentially get 5 movie tickets for free?  Well, in exchange for some information.

I participated in the promotion they had last year for “Cars 2″, because my kids wanted translators.  They were really hoping the translators would come with Japanese loaded, especially since that was a large part of the setting of the movie, because they are learning Japanese (on their own, I might add).  No Japanese, but they still liked the translators.  I never received spam or junk mail as a result.

So I bought 30 boxes with Spiderman on them, and entered the codes.  You’re limited to entering 8 codes per day, so it took me four days to get all of them in.  Then I redeemed the points for certificates, which you present to the ticket office basically as payment for tickets.

So my money works twice.  I could have bought cereal, and bought tickets for the show.  Instead, I bought cereal, and the cereal got me tickets for the show.

I’m currently rotating the cereal through the deep freeze, because I’ve ended up with a few weevils in several boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in the past few months.

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