Now you can Subscribe to Comments!!!

Not that I have an inflated perception of my blog, mind you, but you can now subscribe to the comments that are made on any post on here.  :)

I know that I’ve visited particular posts on blogs before that have had discussions going on in the comments that I’ve been interested in.  Or I’ve left a comment, and want to see if anyone responds to it.  If there’s a “subscribe to comments” link, I get an email telling me when another comment has been added, complete with a link to the comment.  I like that.

So you can now do that here.  You don’t even have to comment in order to follow the comments on a post.  Here’s what it looks like:

You won't see the first three boxes (name, email, website) if you are a member and are logged in. The subscribe to comments part is at the bottom, and has a checkbox. If you want to subscribe without commenting, there is a link to do that right there.

(And, as a reminder, you don’t even have to be a member to comment!  But you do have to be human.  SpamFree has a spotless record so far catching spam on my blog without blocking real comments.)

Want to follow a discussion?  Subscribe to comments!  :D

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