Okay, MidnightCoder… you win! ;)

After a valiant struggle with the draconian restrictions security features our MidnightCoder has put into place to frustrate protect us at RabbitTalk Blogs from hacking, I have finally made peace with and accepted the straightjacket limits he has placed on the themes.  I have done all within my power to get a theme to do what I wish (hey… I cut my teeth programming an Apple IIe… I’m accustomed to telling the computer what to do, not the other way around), but, alas, unsuccessfully.

So, rather than continue to try to find some way to weasel around the restrictions, I took one more look at the themes he has added and finally found one I felt was worth downsizing my photos for.  *sigh*… I guess I’ll blog now.

Thank you, MC, for your dedication and the time you give us keeping our little slice of web safe.  Even if I have to color inside the lines.  :)


Okay, MidnightCoder… you win! ;) — 3 Comments

    • Thank you! :) I hope it makes MC laugh, too, if he sees it. LOL He knew I was trying to wriggle a little more freedom out of him. Hehe.

      • LOL, oh wow :D I’ll see what I can do. Honestly, I forgot all about it, but I’ll take a look now and see if I can get you some css editing.

        Great post, love it! :D

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