We enjoy an occasional look at the Fail Blog, and some of its derivative blogs like That Will Buff Out.

Recently, we saw something that made Shay say, “I’ve got to try to get a picture of that  (and submit it to That Will Buff Out)!”

I have really no idea what this guy was thinking.

We saw it on the way to pick up Shay’s work car.  So when we were on the way back, I had my phone ready to take a picture.  I just rested my hand on the dash, and glanced at the screen now and then to see my progress.  I knew I had only one shot, since I was doing 45 mph.  One last glance, a button press, and I hoped I had it.

By that time, there was a police car to the left of it, and no sign of the driver of the truck.

This is along an exit from one major highway to another.  The embankment goes up to the highway I just exited.  He appears to have taken the exit, then changed his mind and tried to turn around into opposing traffic.  It is an exit — it’s one way.  Shay thinks the guy had to be drunk.  I certainly can’t argue… no thinking person would have attempted this.  Of course, that automatically makes suspects of half of the drivers in this town!

I accidentally had it set for indoor picture-taking, so I had to fiddle with the colors a little.  Shay did submit it, and it actually made it (please remember the site is largely about goof-ups — there’s stuff on there I wouldn’t let the kids or myself see):



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