Out(side)sourcing some of the cooking

I am not an environmentalist, and do not believe in global warming, but I do believe in reasonable conservation and wise use of our resources, as well as wasting as little as possible.

When you come down to my embracing of the idea of solar cooking, though, it has nothing to do with my views on conservation and resources. It has to do with frugality — I’m trying to save money, here. We don’t have a lot of it, after all, and I could swear I hear some of our pennies whimper when I squeeze them particularly hard. But I have to.

I already had one solar oven, but it wasn’t quite finished when we moved. My beloved husband had built it from scrap siding, duct board, and the glass door from an old entertainment center. The last thing it needed was a way to keep the reflector open, and a lock to keep the neighborhood kids from adding unexpected ingredients (like chameleons) to the food. It got up to 225* in spite of the fact that I couldn’t keep the reflector open, so I was really hoping to see what it could do once it was finished.

Well, it didn’t make it into the moving truck. :( So I’m building one. Maybe it’ll be temporary, or maybe I’ll have it quite a while. I’m building it out of two cardboard boxes, foil, and dried grass. I just started, so I’ll be posting pictures. I’m more or less following these plans: http://www.thefarm.org/charities/i4at/surv/solarbox.htm

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