Slowly fixing up!

I’m starting with the oldest posts, and working forward. I’m moving my images to PhotoBucket and replacing the links, and trying to remember to add categories and tags. I am so bad at remembering those.

I’m not sure whether an updated (repaired) post notifies subscribers that a new post is up. If it does, you have my apologies… I still have to get this done, though.

One thing that probably will notify subscribers of “new” posts is when I come across a post that didn’t make it over from my old blog, for some reason. I will publish it over here, and I imagine it will seem to be a new post. I will try to put the original date on it. Again, I apologize.

I have done June – August 2010, so far. The vast majority of my posts lost their images, so this is going to take a while!


Slowly fixing up! — 2 Comments

    • Hi, HendricksHearth! Thank you for your kind words. :)

      It’s a bother, for sure, but I’ve got to get it all back together again. I’m guessing that something happened during a WordPress update, and I didn’t have it backed up.

      I knew I should keep it backed up. *sigh* LOL

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